Blog#2 The importance of social media to brands

Social media has become an indispensable part of life. People use social media every day to get the information they want or to communicate with others. Today, there are not only personal accounts on these platforms, but also official accounts of many brands.

Choosing the right social media is the right thing. Social media provides huge opportunities for direct interaction between products and audiences. Social media can also spread information and convert audiences into paying users. Websites such as Twitter, Weibo, and Instagram allow brands to interact with customers, attract new customers and increase exposure. In the era of big data, they can accurately locate and target the target population in all aspects. As long as there are potential customers, there will be advertisements. It can also help brands build brand awareness, let customers familiarize themselves with the brand in the process of using social media, and eventually gradually regard the brand as their first choice.

I chose to check the various social media of the Nestlé brand as a reference. I followed its ins account and Weibo for reference.

From the customer’s point of view, I hope that the accounts of these brands can really work. In addition to coffee, there are many other products under the Nestlé brand, but I found the pictures they posted were a bit confusing. The advantage is that it really allows me to see that it sells coffee, recent events, and charitable donations. The discount information is also very clear. I also discovered for the first time that their European flagship store also has plant-base burgers.

It is necessary to ensure that the social media calendar has periodic content so that fans can receive brand information regularly. But most of the content it publishes makes me unable to understand, and I even want to unfollow it. For example, it has a lot of news calling everyone to protect the environment and the ocean, and some corporate personnel also introduced it. I think these parts can be posted on the official website. What I am more looking forward to seeing are new product launches, discounts and some coffee selection tips, coffee planting stories.

The person who manages the account is very important. It is necessary to publish the news from a sufficiently objective perspective. If there is a verbal mistake, it may have a bad influence on the brand. I found out that in the spring of 2010, Nestlé was indirectly involved in environmental disputes because it was revealed that the palm oil manufacturer it purchased destroyed Indonesia’s tropical forests (Hance. J 2020). Someone left a message on the public homepage of Nestlé’s FACEBOOK to express condemnation and questioning about the matter. For this negative comment, Nestlé officials even vehemently refuted this negative comment and gave the user a serious warning. This intensified the conflict with the public. A good account manager should also learn to deal with emergencies and not bring his own prejudices and personal emotions into the brand.

Compared with other best brands in the industry, a brand should also be able to have its own characteristics on social media. I also compared the social media of ILLY, they are more focused on their product promotion. Visual content can provide higher value than only text. Imagine that when we browse certain websites, whether the pictures, animations or videos added to them can be more eye-catching, the same goes for social media. Compared to simply promoting environmental protection concepts, I think Nestlé can combine environmental protection concepts with its products to make good videos and pictures to promote to social media. This can increase consumers’ goodwill towards the brand, and at the same time introduce their own products, making them a feature different from other brands and the best in the industry.


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